Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions related to the US Virgin Islands and St. Croix.


You must show proof of full vaccination to attend this event.


What airport do you fly into?

Henry E. Rohlsen Airport (STX) St. Croix USVI


How long is the taxi ride to the resort?

15 minutes


Where is there to stay?

The Fred Resort –


Do we need a passport?

No. St. Croix is an island in the Caribbean Sea, and a county and constituent district of the United States Virgin Islands (USVI). For U.S. citizens, you will not have to pay customs fees or require a passport.


What to do?

We’ll have three nights of shows from The Dire Wolves, celebrating the music of The Dead and more! During the days, there is plenty of exploring to do on St. Croix.  Enjoy snorkeling, diving, hiking, paddle boarding, boating, and everything fun in the sun!!! In addition, The Fred’s amenities can be found here:


What is the weather like?

Endless summer! The average high during the winter months is 82°F with a low of 70°F.  The average high in the summer months is 88°F.


Any other tips?

They drive on the left in the Virgin Islands. Drive slow! Greet everyone with good morning, afternoon, evening, etc., then proceed. It’s frowned upon being in town with just your swimsuit on or shirtless, so please wear a coverup or shirt! St. Croix is a very polite and friendly Island; please be respectful to everyone and everything!


Do I need to wear a face mask & other COVID requirements?

Masks required in all businesses. 
If you’re standing, and you’re not on public property, wear your mask please!


What if I purchased a ticket and am not fully vaccinated and/or do not plan on getting fully vaccinated before the festival??

We can offer you a refund.



You can call The Fred Toll FREE at 1-844-STX-USVI (844-789-8784)


Lodging and more info?

The Fred:
Email The Fred:
Email Us:

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