Here are some common questions related to the US Virgin Islands and St. John:

What airport do you fly into?

Cyril E. King Airport (STT) St. Thomas USVI

How do you get to St. John from St. Thomas?

Ferry or barge out of Red Hook Marina. https://stjohnlinks.com/ferry-and-barges/

How do you get to the ferry/barge at Red Hook Marina?

Taxi/shuttle van or rental car/jeep for car barge.

How long is the taxi/shuttle ride?

45 minutes

How long is the ferry/barge ride?

The ferry is 15 minutes and the barge is 40 minutes.

What is the cost and schedule of the ferry/barge?

Refer to their website:  https://stjohnlinks.com/ferry-and-barges/

Where is there to stay?

St. John has a wide variety of lodging options from local hotels, camping (http://campstjohn.com), to Airbnb’s (https://www.uniqueislandassets.com)(https://www.visitusvi.com/st-john)

What is St. John like?

St. John is the smallest of the 3 islands in the USVI.  For U.S. citizens, you will not have to pay customs fees or require a passport. The island is about 8 miles long and 3 miles wide.  They don’t have an airport, traffic light or any franchises.  It’s like going back in time.

What to do?

Swimming, hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, sup boarding, parasailing, boating, sailing, fishing and relaxing.

What are the beaches like?

The beaches are pristine.  Most of the island is part of the U.S. National Park and is undeveloped.

What is the weather like?

Endless summer!  The average high during the winter months is 82°F with a low of 70°F.  The average high in the summer months is 88°F.

How early do we need to leave St. John to get to the airport?

You will need to leave about 4 1/2 hours before your departure flight to allow enough time to ferry and taxi.

Any other tips?

They drive on the left in the Virgin Islands.  Drive slow!  Greet everyone with good morning, afternoon, evening etc. Then proceed.  It’s frowned upon being in town with just your swimsuit on or shirtless so please wear a coverup or shirt! Please wear facial coverings if your toes are not in the sand as well (follow all CDC guidelines). St. John is a very polite and friendly Island please be respectful to everyone and everything!

What is the covid protocol?

Wear masks in public.  Need to be covid tested 5 days from departure date.  Enter your negative results via the USVI travel portal:  https://usvitravelportal.com

For free mail in testing:


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